Feltouch is a manufacturing and product development company specializing in PET felt with advanced fibre & non-woven textile technology. Our main target is to supply a diverse range of consumer, commercial and innovative industrial felt products to markets all over the world.We design high performance acoustic absorbers using unique & smart designs for all interior spaces to improve speech intelligibility, well being, concentration and performance.Feltouch offer various kind of solutions through range of standard or customizable products tailored to projects.We have a limitless will to work alongside architects, interior designers and facility managers to offer the best possible acoustic and decorative outcome for interiors.

Feltouch products are manufactured from Recycled PET and Polyester Fibres with including no chemical binders and certified low VOC. Throughout our manufacturing process, we are proud to represent a sustainable economy by using raw materials that are eco-friendly and harmless for human health. The base of the company is founded on principles of innovation, outstanding customer service and committed to maintaining accredited environmental practices. With this responsibility, we are trying to use recycled or recyclable eco-friendly raw materials in most of our production process.

We are focused on to discover the customer needs and poke to deliver them. We are available to provide free service about our products on acousitcs and interior design.We have limitless will to work  alongside architects, interior designers and facility planners to offer the most efficient acoustic and decorative outcome for interior spaces. It is our responsibility to offer market based creative solutions including niche products to meet specialized customers needs.On behalf of the experiences behind the Start-up harmony, continuous diversification, perfectual growth and sustainability are basic principles of Feltouch team.

Acoustic Convenience

Feltouch products are acoustically sound absorbing and rated according to ISO 11654- EN 354 at international accredited laboratories. We provide products in wide range in terms of acoustic performance, up to A class performance.

Innovative & Creative

Feltouch is the one of the leading company in acoustic PETfelt production and design. R&D and design have been taking most part of our working times and we hope this will continue much more than as it is.

Decorative & Suitable

Unique decorative designs are available in 2 Feltouch Natural Color and 17 Sonus Color by Camira Company. A wide range of product collections provide the possibility of excellent compatibility with other project materials.

Easy to Install & Lightweight

Design of our products offer easy assembly and simple installation methods. Products are lightweight and have an average weight  apx. 1500gr/m2. The perfect material used has long life durability.

Eco-Friendly & Healthy

Feltouch products are made from Recycled PET and Polyester Fibres with no chemical binders and certified low VOC. All production process and supply chain target to use safe, non-toxic, anti-bacterial and healthy raw materials.

Flammability Performance

Feltouch felt is fire rated under EN-13823 and EN-11925 at international accredited laboratories due to interior building products standarts. Fire test result is B,S1,D0

Our Team