This wall cladding product used here is not free-standing.
Feltouch acoustic panels encapsulate the essence of form and function. These panels, meticulously crafted with precision, not only absorb sound waves effectively but also lend an artistic dimension to interiors. Whether adorning the walls of a professional studio, a modern office, or a chic café, Feltouch acoustic panels seamlessly marry sound control with visual elegance.Infuse your interior spaces with Feltouch’s elegance. Wall coverings, the integration of Feltouch into interior design introduces a new realm of aesthetics and acoustic excellence. The soft and textured surface of felt not only enhances the visual appeal of spaces but also contributes to sound control, transforming ordinary environments into extraordinary interior spaces.One of Feltouch’s remarkable qualities lies in its customization potential. Architects, designers, and homeowners can collaborate to create bespoke acoustic solutions that align with specific design visions. Feltouch opens doors to creativity, allowing for the selection of colors, patterns, and textures that harmonize with any aesthetic while delivering exceptional sound absorption performance.