Eco-Friendly Material Selection: PET Felt

The materials used in Pumpkin’s manufacturing are 100% polyester, with 50% of the content sourced from recycled PET. This environmentally conscious approach ensures that each Pumpkin model contributes to the recycling of 8 bottles of 0.5-liter PET bottles, making a positive impact on our planet.

Perfect Harmony of Design and Function

Pumpkin’s design brilliantly combines decorative, lighting, and acoustic solutions, offering functionality that goes beyond ordinary lighting fixtures. The robust and long-lasting PET felt material adds durability to its elegant style. With Natural colour, Natural+Mandarin colour and double-sided Mandarin colour options, Pumpkin caters to miscellaneous preferences and spaces.

Aesthetics Acoustic Design for Every Space

Pumpkin’s sleek and adaptable design makes it suitable for various environments, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, offices, waiting areas, and educational spaces.