Project name: Amadeus

Photography by: İbrahim Özbunar

Interior Design: Udesign Architecture and Altun Architects

Feltouch products: Conic, Tuana, Tuana Lighting, Make-Up Lighting, Chevrone, Ripple, Octopus, Bowl, Topolight,  

Acoustic Solutions: Lighting, Cladding, Ceiling, Wall Panel

Amadeus Office is designed with a modern architectural approach and offers a functional workspace. However, features such as large open interiors, hard surfaces and high ceilings can cause unwanted echo and noise problems in the office. To overcome these acoustic problems, acoustic solutions offered by Feltouch were preferred. Feltouch’s sustainable acoustic solutions stand out with their aesthetic design and high acoustic performance. Within the scope of this project, various Feltouch designs were used to meet the acoustic requirements of the office. Lighting solutions included Ripple and Bowl from Feltouch’s award-winning Sparkle Collection, as well as Conic and Topolight from the New Glow collection. These collections not only fulfil the lighting needs of the office but also increase acoustic performance. Attracting attention with their stylish designs, these collections provide focussed and soft lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere in the workspace. For wall solutions, Chevrone from the Tiles Collection and Octopus panels from the Decosound Collection were used to increase sound absorption and reduce noise while strengthening the aesthetics of the space. Tuana and Tuana Lighting products, which Feltouch offers for this project, integrated into False Ceiling Systems, offer a simple and modern look while providing high acoustic performance. With the preference of Feltouch Acoustic products in Amadeus Office, employees feel themselves in acoustic comfort and more productive.