Project name: Arkestra Restaurant

Photography by: Sahir Uğur Eren

Interior Design: Tayfun Mumcu Interior Architect

Acoustic Design: Karakutu Electro Acoustics

Feltouch productsFlat Cloud

Acoustic Solutions: Ceiling 

In the interior of Arkestra, which has a Michelin Guide star; Feltouch’s unique designs made of sustainable felt material, combined with an interior design accompanied by an open kitchen and decorated with Art Deco details, provide perfect acoustic comfort. These special designs help increase the comfort and experience of customers, while also strengthening the aesthetics of the interior.
Specially custom designed Flat Clouds, used especially on ceilings, adapt to the aesthetics of the interior and prevent acoustic problems such as echo, reverberation, noise, and difficulty focusing, which may occur thanks to the sound-absorbing feature of the felt. In this way, customers can communicate easily and have a pleasant experience while enjoying the place.