Eczacibasi Ilac Pazarlama

Project name: Eczacıbaşı İlaç Pazarlama

Fit Out First Floor: MUUM Architects

Fit Out Second Floor: dbs – Design and Build Service

Fit Out Second Floor Basement: PERGEL Group

Interior Designer: MUUM Architects

Photography by: Sahir Uğur Eren

Feltouch products: Grid Ceiling, Flat Cloud, Chevrone, Air-Felt Baffle

Acoustic Solutions: Ceiling, Cladding

The aesthetic, lighting, and acoustic concepts in Eczacıbaşı offices are seamlessly achieved through the exclusive designs by Feltouch. These designs have been integrated into various areas, from meeting rooms to social spaces and open spaces, enhancing the value of the office environment.

The semi-open Grid ceiling system, used to control reverberation levels in large open offices, stands out with its functionality and aesthetic design. This system effectively reduces echo within the office, providing a more comfortable environment for communication among employees.

Specifically designed for Eczacıbaşı offices, the flexible structure of Feltouch’s specially crafted felt is utilized to create unique office designs. Integrated with curved baffle examples and a wall-mounted V-cut designed Flat Cloud with a custom applique, these special designs transform the space into a distinctive office environment. Emphasizing not only functionality but also the power of aesthetics and design, these exclusive Feltouch designs offer a modern and stylish working atmosphere for employees.

Feltouch designs not only serve functionality but also highlight aesthetics, adding a unique identity to Eczacıbaşı offices. These designs align with the company’s work culture and aesthetic expectations, making each area within the office special.