Eyup Cultural Center And Marriage Hall

In the Multi-Purpose Wedding Hall at Eyüpsultan Municipality Cultural Center, two acoustic measurements were realised to analyse the difference  between pre and post acoustic arrangements . These measurements were carried out in accordance with the “TS EN ISO 3382-2 -Measurement of the acoustic parameters of the rooms – Part 1: Show venues” standard.

The venue had a volume of approximately at 7400m3 and a reverberation time of 3.5 seconds in the mid-frequency region before the acoustic arrangement was made. This resonance effect, which is quite high for a venue with this function, not only reduces the musical quality, but also seriously affects speech intelligibility. With the measures taken on the walls, the reverberation time in the same area has decreased below 2 seconds and the acoustic quality has increased significantly.




Project name: Eyup Cultural Center And Marriage Hall

Interior Design: Emre Arolat Architecture 

Client: Eyüp Municipality

Acoustic Design: Karakutu Electro Acoustic 

Feltouch products: Plate, Cracker Edge

Acoustic Solutions: Cladding, Wall Panel