Feltouch Event & Design Center

Project name: Feltouch Event & Design Center 

Interior Design: Studio 13, Architects 

Photographer: Sahir Uğur Eren 

Acoustic Design: Karakutu Electro Acoustic 

Feltouch products: Plate, Ripple, Line

Acoustic Solutions: Cladding, Lighting

All interior spaces are designed in a flexible manner for users and guests to find a place easily that works for them to meet, great and collaborate. While trying to give all users something different for a new experience, also forms the center of pleasant events, unexpected brain-stormings and meetings full of collaborations.

With materials inspired by Feltouch’s sustainable perspective, the interior spaces is designed with acoustic felt, natural wood, marble, LVT, perforated and  lots of greenery.

It is entertaining, joy, and belongs to Feltouch world.