FMV Işık Schools – Florya Campus

Project name: FMV Işık Okulları –  Florya Campus

Photography by: Sahir Uğur Eren

Interior Design: Erginoğlu & Çalışlar

Fit Out: Kınza Yapı

Feltouch productsPlate

Acoustic Solutions: Ceilings, Cladding

With Feltouch’s Plate products, we offer specially designed high-performance acoustic absorbers to enhance speech intelligibility, well-being, concentration, and performance in interior spaces. These products are equipped with unique and intelligent designs to provide an ideal sound environment for any type of interior space. The acoustic environment created by Plate products is of great importance in special projects such as the planetarium in the FMV Işık Schools library, which is covered with Feltouch’s Plate products to give students information about the solar system. Plate products provide an excellent acoustic solution for such projects and contribute to the effective operation of the planetarium by optimizing reverberation times and volume acoustics. Additionally, Plate products with acoustic properties offer an ideal solution to increase students’ attention and improve their learning experiences by providing effective sound absorption. These solutions are also based on sustainability principles, thus minimizing environmental impacts.