Fit Out & Interior Designer: Doğa Mimarlık & Doğa Dizayn Mimarlık

Photography by: Sahir Uğur Eren

Feltouch products: Line

Acoustic Solutions:  Cladding

The innovative Feltouch V-Plate design, chosen by GEBKIM for their conference hall, represents a new approach that seamlessly integrates sustainability and acoustic solutions. Recognizing the need for a space that not only exudes aesthetic appeal but also addresses acoustic challenges, GEBKIM opted for the Feltouch V-Plate as the ideal solution.

To address a range of issues encountered in conference halls, the Feltouch V-Plate design focuses particularly on the following aspects:

  1. Echo Problem: Feltouch V-Plate mitigates echo issues that may arise in conference halls, enhancing the clarity and intelligibility of sound. This ensures that participants can better hear the speaker’s words.
  2. Prevention of Resonance: The acoustic features of the design prevent resonance at specific frequencies, allowing for the balanced dispersion of sound and enhancing the conference experience.
  3. Sustainable Materials: Sustainable Materials: Feltouch V-Plate offers an environmentally friendly option by utilizing sustainable materials, with 50% recycled PET and Polyester Fibres including no chemical binders and certified low VOC. This aligns seamlessly with GEBKIM’s steadfast commitment to sustainability.
  4. Integration of Aesthetics and Functionality: The design seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality. The Mandarin Color not only enhances visual appeal but also adds vibrancy to the conference hall.

GEBKIM’s preference underscores the ability of the Feltouch V-Plate design to address various challenges in conference halls. This design not only showcases technological innovation but also provides a functional and eco-friendly solution, elevating the conference experience to a higher level.