Innovative Ideas Center

Project name: IMM Innovative Ideas Center

Photography by: Sahir Uğur Eren

Fit Out: Sual Mimarlık

Feltouch products:   Flat Cloud Lighting, Frequency, Topolight, Vertigo Mono, Octopus, Cloud Baffle

Acoustic Solutions: Lighting, Wall Panel, Ceiling

Located at Istanbul Kayışdağı metro station, the Centre for Innovative Ideas offers fully equipped office and workshop spaces designed for entrepreneurs. In addition, entrepreneurship training for entrepreneurs to develop their business models and events and technology meet-ups specially organized for technology lovers bring together software developers, product managers, and data scientists.

Also known as the Entrepreneurship Centre, this space allows users to focus on their work with acoustic panels and lighting solutions specially designed for offices, meeting rooms, open workspaces, and many other different environments.

The choice of Feltouch Acoustic Solutions in the Centre for Innovative Ideas within the IMM demonstrates the most appropriate design of the area both functionally and aesthetically.