Interior Designed by:  Görkem Volkan Design Studio

Photography by: Sahir Uğur Eren

Feltouch products: Manta Acoustic Wall Panel

Acoustic Solutions: Wall Panel 

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, driven by the vision of sustainable environments and zero waste, has successfully implemented projects that have brought Turkey’s first and Europe’s largest ‘Waste-to-Energy Facility’ to Istanbul. This facility aims to reduce the amount of waste sent to regular landfills.

The increasing population and waste levels in Istanbul, along with rising energy costs, diminishing storage capacity, and the growing need for eco-friendly cities, underscore the importance of investments in environmentally conscious facilities. Turkey’s inaugural Waste-to-Energy Facility, with a daily incineration capacity of 3,000 tons and an electricity output of 85 MWh, serves approximately 1.4 million Istanbulites. This translates to an annual saving of around 8 million kilometers in transportation.

Istanbul’s environmental allure is being safeguarded while the quality of life is being elevated, leading to a city with a reduced carbon footprint being passed down to future generations.

As part of this initiative, a striking design has emerged in the İSTAÇ lobby area featuring FELTOUCH’s PET-recycled wall panel ‘Manta’. In this project alone, approximately 800 0.5-liter PET bottles contributed to the transformation into Manta.

While we produce a significant amount of recycled products from PET, we also reevaluate our own waste and leftovers. In our journey with @zero.burn, which we embarked on in 2020, Feltouch is dedicated to achieving zero waste and reducing carbon emissions. If you’re interested in seeing the progress of this journey, visit