PwC Türkiye Galataport Office

Project name: PwC Türkiye Galataport Office

Photography by: Gürkan Akay

Interior Design: Pamir Architecture

Feltouch products: Bowl, Make-up Lighting, Flat Cloud, Flat Cloud LightingAir-Felt Baffle, Chevrone

Acoustic Solutions: Lighting, Ceiling, Cladding

Feltouch’s sustainable acoustic solutions stand out with their aesthetic designs and high acoustic performance. Within this project, various Feltouch designs were used to meet the office’s acoustic requirements.

Among the lighting solutions, Bowl and Make-up Lighting from Feltouch’s collection were used, along with Flat Cloud and Flat Cloud Lighting. These collections not only meet the office’s lighting needs but also enhance acoustic performance. These products attract attention with their stylish designs, providing focused and soft lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere in the workspace.

For ceiling solutions, the Air-Felt Baffle was utilized to improve sound absorption and reduce noise levels, while also adding a modern aesthetic to the office. Additionally, Chevrone from the Tiles Collection was used for wall cladding, enhancing sound absorption and reducing noise while also strengthening the aesthetics of the space.

With the preference for Feltouch Acoustic products in the İstanbul PwC Türkiye Galataport Office, employees find themselves in a quieter, more productive, and more comfortable working environment. Echoing and noise problems decrease while enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the space. Feltouch’s various designs combine functionality and aesthetics to provide an excellent acoustic solution in the İstanbul PwC Türkiye Galataport Office.