Rödl & Partner

Project name: Rödl & Partner Turkey

Photography by: Aslı Dayıoğlu

Interior Design: EE İstanbul

Feltouch productsFlat Cloud Lighting, Make-Up Lighting, Ripple, Flux, Line, ZigZag

Acoustic Solutions: Ceiling, Lighting, Wall Panel, Cladding

Rödl and Partner is a globally operating German-based Audit and Advisory firm. With 5,500 employees spread across 105 different locations in 49 countries, the company specializes in legal, tax advisory, financial consulting, management/IT consulting, and auditing services. Offering consultancy services across various sectors, Rödl and Partner boasts a wide range of expertise to address the evolving needs of the business world.

The acoustics designs manufactured by Feltouch, made from recycled PET felts, and utilized within Rödl and Partner’s offices, play a significant role not only in aesthetics but also in acoustic performance. These designs effectively absorb sound reflections and noise within the office environment, providing employees with a conducive space for work. This, in turn, enhances concentration levels and boosts overall productivity.

Moreover, FLUX is also included among the Feltouch acoustic designs used in Rödl and Partner’s offices. With its unique design and diversity, FLUX adds a distinctive aesthetic and functionality to interior spaces while enhancing acoustic performance in work environments.

In addition, the Feltouch material of Feltouch’s designs, produced from 50% recycled PET bottles, emphasizes the importance of its commitment to an environmentally friendly business approach and sustainability principles, while encouraging not only to increase workplace efficiency by reducing its environmental footprint.