The Koc School – High

Project name:  KOÇ School New High School Building

Project Location: Tuzla, İstanbul

Client: Koç School and Vehbi Koç Foundation

Main Contractor: ARK Construction

Architectural Design: DB Architecture

Interior Design: PAB Architecture

Consultant: Trung Le / Thisis180

Project Year: 2021-2022

Total Construction Area (m2): 14,000 m2

Photography by: Emre Dörter Photography, Koç School, PAB Architecture

Feltouch products:  Flat Cloud, Air-Felt Baffle, Bowl

Acoustic Solutions: Ceiling, Lighting

In the interior of Koç High School, the unique designs of Feltouch, made from acoustic and sustainable materials such as felt, create an atmosphere where students can comfortably navigate and thrive in an inspiring learning environment. Blending modern style with an open layout and distinctive details, this space combines acoustic comfort with an environmentally friendly approach.

Bowl acoustic lighting contributes to both acoustic regulation and effective illumination in communal areas. Our modern style, open layout, and environmentally friendly materials address acoustic issues prevalent in schools.

Especially the design of acoustic panels which are Air-Felt Baffles and Falt Cloud mounted on the ceiling effectively controls sound reflections and noise within the classrooms, enhancing students’ concentration. These acoustic solutions, being crafted from recycled materials, also highlight an eco-conscious approach. These distinctive design features not only provide students with a more efficient workspace but also align perfectly with sustainability principles.

While providing a healthier and more productive environment for students, it also offers teachers a more efficient and comfortable working environment by preventing issues such as noise and echo that may arise due to acoustic problems.