Turkish Airlines

Project name: THY – Turkish Airlines

Photography by: Sahir Uğur Eren

Feltouch products: Flat Cloud, Forest Mesh, Cracker Edge, Plate, Cracker Cloud Lighting, Rain Mesh, Straight Baffle, Baffle

Acoustic Solutions: Wall Panel, Hanging, Lighting, Cladding, Ceiling

At Turkish Airlines’ Operation Center in Istanbul Airport, Feltouch designs have been incorporated into the open workspaces, dining areas, and social areas. The interior design prioritized Turkish Airlines’ corporate colors, offering decorative, acoustic, and lighting solutions within the space. Feltouch designs contribute to the meticulous management of all critical processes in this center, where aviation operations run 24/7.

Throughout the three-story operations center, a combination of wall panels, hanging elements, and acoustic lighting solutions have been utilized in the open office workspaces, providing multifunctionality. To separate the workstations from the corridors, the Rain Mesh model was suspended from the ceiling, while the Cracker Cloud Lighting product was chosen for the workstations.

In the communal dining area, reverberation times resulting from cutlery were mitigated by dividing the space with Flat Cloud on the ceiling and Mesh Forest products.

In the social areas for employees, a custom-designed Plate product was used to create an aircraft engine motif on the ceiling, in alignment with the corporate identity of the space. Additionally, with the use of Baffle samples in different colors, a vibrant and dynamic interior design was established.

In 2022, Istanbul Airport (IST) reached a milestone of 64.3 million passengers, making it the seventh-largest airport in the world. It also ranks fifth in international passenger numbers. We take pride in being part of some of the largest and most significant interior designs worldwide.